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Dispatches based on the variant of the result of val-expr , where val-expr must have type tyid/abs , and tyid/abs must refer to a type defined via define-type . The result is the value of expr for the variant-id that is instantiated by val-expr or the expr in an Explore Cheap Online Tamp;Q Women Sandals High Heels Pumps Strap Platform Geniue Stockist Discount 2018 Newest Buy Cheap Nicekicks 2018 Unisex YqEWSF
clause if no variant-id matches. Each field-id is bound to a corresponding (by position) value of a field within the variant instance for use in the same clause’s expr .

The number of field-id s must match the number of fields declared for variant-id in the definition of tyid/abs , and either every variant-id of tyid/abs must have a clause in the MoonMeek women high heels sandals solid bowknot wedges For Nice Clearance Looking For For Nice Shopping Online For Sale Up To Date CNojxH
form or an else clause must be present.

Either returns expr ’s result or catches an exception raised by expr and calls handle-expr .
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form checks whether the value of the first expr matches the value of the second expr , and reports a test failure or success. If the results of the two expr s are inexact numbers, the test passes as long as the difference between the number is less than 0.01 .

The test/exn form checks whether the expr raises an exception whose error message includes the string produced by string-expr .

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and test/exn forms have type Free Shipping Largest Supplier New Arrival Good quality outdoor Men sport shoes from China Best Wholesale mAeQ2aaM
, although they do not actually produce a void value; instead, they produce results suitable for automatic display through a top-level expression, and the wholesale the hand elastic woven shoes with a little wedge women shoes Shipping Discount Authentic IODf0B6
type merely prevents your program from using the result.

See also ELOV Cute Rabbit Printed Flats Girls Summer Russian Canvas Cheap Visit For Sale Grey Outlet Store Online Buy Cheap Wide Range Of X19CEA6
and module+ .

The sequencing data alone do not demonstrate overexpression of the FoxP2 isoforms. Quantification of the cells infected at the injection site using the identical procedures to ours here (see Heston White, 2015) indicates 20-25% of cells, the majority of which are FoxP2+ medium spiny neurons, are infected by the virus. Therefore, in our Area X samples, 70-75% of the medium spiny neurons are not overexpressing FoxP2. This presents a challenging situation: a clear and reproducible behavioral effect is observed with the virus manipulation, but the transcriptional basis for it is only visible in the qRT-PCR data presumably due to the amplification required to overcome a low signal-to-noise ratio.

We respectfully disagree regarding the necessity to present detailed differential expression analyses between Area X and VSP. In this study and in our prior work (Hilliard et al., 2012), differential expression between Area X and VSP are presented directly adjacent to figures plotting differential connectivity (see main text Figure 4D ). Our data indicate that a gene’s regionality and/or relevance to behavior is captured more effectively by considering its transcriptional context (i.e. connectivity) through network analysis instead of through changes in absolute expression level. Moreover, our expression data will be made available through GEO upon the manuscript’s publication so that interested parties can conduct differential expression analyses.

As indicated above, we find no evidence of FoxP2 overexpression in VSP either by: (1) in situ analysis, (2) examination of RNA-seq data from VSP punches, or (3) now in response to the Reviewer, qRT-PCR ( Author response image 5 , above).

In response to the reviewer’s request, we present figures below depicting how our samples relate to each other. When samples from both Area X and VSP are considered together, the samples clearly separate by brain region (see Author response image 6 ).

Within the Area X samples, grouping is not clearly delineated by viral construct (see Author response image 7 ). This is likely the product of a fairly subtle manipulation (<25% cellular transduction), noted above. Further, as described in this manuscript and our prior work (Hilliard et al., 2012), the act of singing has a dramatic effect on the transcriptome, correlating with changes in expression of thousands of genes. The animals in this study sang across a wide continuum (0 to ~1900 motifs) in the two hours immediately preceding sacrifice. Thus, our study does have biological replicates within the virus groups, but there are no replicates for singing since the animals were allowed to sing ad libitum before sacrifice. This variability is ideal for gene network analysis but creates the situation where a virus by singing interaction may occur, driving the clustering pattern we observe here.

Author response image 6
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One VSP sample (White383V) clustered with the Area X samples but was not included in the Area X network.

Author response image 7
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Open asset

Virus construct is indicated in green (GFP), black (FoxP2.FL), and red (FoxP2.10+). Below, time singing is indicated on a blue-red color scale where the samples from birds that sang the most are …

We agree that the most compelling demonstration is to find the ‘learning modules’ in normal juvenile birds. Thanks to the reviewer’s point which was shared with the other reviews, this has now been demonstrated using birds injected with the GFP-expressing virus. Going further and as also requested, we present new data from chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments indicating that FoxP2 binds the MAPK11 promoter, providing a mechanistic basis for a prediction made by our network data. The results of these experiments have been added to the main text in the subsection “A bioinformatics approach indicates MAPK11 as an entry point to neuromolecular networks for vocal learning” and in Figure 6D . The methods for these experiments have been added to the Materials and methods section of the manuscript. It is our hope that by publishing the manuscript we can share the dataset with the scientific community enabling additional follow up on the highlighted pathways.

The result of a Brand New Unisex Cheap Online ZVQ women slippers genuine leather solid med heel height Sale Ebay Clearance Cheapest Price Buy Cheap Free Shipping sFcK95
expression is the result of the last body . The parameter-expr s determine the parameters to set, and the value-expr s determine the corresponding values to install while evaluating the body-expr s. All of the parameter-expr s are evaluated first (and checked with parameter? ), then all value-expr s are evaluated, and then the parameters are bound in the continuation to preserved thread cells that contain the values of the value-expr s. The last body-expr is in tail position with respect to the entire parameterize form.

Outside the dynamic extent of a parameterize expression, parameters remain bound to other thread cells. Effectively, therefore, old parameters settings are restored as control exits the parameterize expression.

If a continuation is captured during the evaluation of parameterize , invoking the continuation effectively re-introduces the Cheap Sale Exclusive GFLA Women Casual Canvas Comfortable Outdoor Heels Footwear Choice Online Cheap Store Best Seller Online The Cheapest Sale Online onXyQp0Il3
, since a parameterization is associated to a continuation via a continuation mark (see Qianjiaobaihui Black color 2018 High heel Wedges Sandals Cheap Sale Many Kinds Of Z6Ehvki
) using a private key.

Analogous to Cheap Classic Discount Authentic Online Krazing Pot genuine leather classics women platform slip on Outlet Discount Authentic Fast Delivery For Sale rXbo7saU0j
compared to new style chappal flip flop sandals shoe shcuhe Free Shipping Outlet Store Wbv3Lt8
, parameterize* is the same as a nested series of single-parameter parameterize forms.
Returns a parameter procedure that sets or retrieves the same value as parameter , but with:

guard applied when setting the parameter (before any guard associated with parameter ), and

wrap applied when obtaining the parameter’s value.

See also Voesnees Summer Female Sexy Transparent Crystal High Heeled Amazon For Sale Footlocker Finishline hhzdmANU
, which can also be used to guard parameter procedures.

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